Vented Closure - Universal 10' strip

Material is a non-woven, UV resistant, polyester fabric with an acrylic binder that allows air movement.  Passes the extreme wind-driven rain test.  2" wide x 10' long.

Pre-applied adhesive on one side to assist installation.

Applications:   metal roof ridge cap, hip, eave, pitch transition.

Vented Closure for Gideon Tuff-Rib

​Uniquely engineered breathable closure strips eliminate any leak path into the ridge area by completely sealing against the panel profile.  This form-fit reduces wind-driven rain problems to a minimum.  Closed cell polyethylene completely surrounds the open-cell venting foam.

​Pre-applied adhesive on one side to assist installation.

1 3/4" wide x 3' long.

Tight seal, excellent venting, easy install - Contractor friendly
Fire retardant/UV stable.

Snow Guards

Snow Defender 1500 / Snow Trax

Material is 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

No additional sealant is required, EPDM rubber gasket on bottom provides maximum sealing capability when installed with fasteners with sealer, saving cost & maintains a finished appearance.  Best  suited for exposed fastener metal to wood roof applications.

Powder coat paint is available in 28 colors as well as unpainted.

Tacky Tape

TACKY TAPE is a 100% solids, asbestos free butyl tape sealant in roll form.

Applications include metal roof endlaps, sidelaps, vents, gutters, pipe flashings, skylights.

Service temperature range is -40 Degrees F- +180 Degrees F
Material will not become brittle or crack

Available in Black or Gray EPDM as well as Red or Gray high temperature Silicone.  High Temperature Silicone is Now Available in Gray.

Expanding Sealant Tape

AST is a self-adhering foam tape impregnated with water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion.  It is an excellent alternative to butyl tape & open-cell polyurethane foam strips.  Will not dry out and become hard and brittle.  Will not extrude from between joints like caulk or butyl tapes.  UV-stable.  Highly resistant to bugs and vermin.

Conforms to contours and fills gaps.  Supplied with self-adhesive on one side.  After removal of packaging, material begins gradual expansion – more slowly in cold weather than in hot.

Maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building
panels.  Excellent compressability and recovery (minimal compression set).  Good thermal and sound insulator.  No shrinkage or blow-out due to closed-cell breakage.

Pipe Flashings

Manufactured from EPDM or silicone rubber, Roofjack™ RD is compounded for maximum resistance to ozone, UV light, & temperature extremes.

Flexible aluminum base will allow the flashing to conform to any metal roof configuration. Pipe location can be centered in the flat of the panel or the rib. Urethane sealant & self-drilling screws complete the installation.

Well-marked and easily cut with shears to fit exactly the pipe size used.

Closure for Exposed Fastener Panels

Designed to close gaps in roof & sidewall applications. Material is pre-cut to conform to metal panel configurations.  Applications include closing the openings at the ridge (peak of the building) or at the eave (gutter-line of a building).

1.8 lb. Density polyethylene foam is designed to withstand harsh weather elements including moisture & ultraviolet rays.  Optional pre-applied adhesive helps to keep closure in place before roof panel is fastened.

Interlocking dovetails provide a secure end to-end fit, eliminating any potential gaps.


  • Vented Ridge Cap
  • Die-Formed Ridge Cap
  • Die-Formed Flashing 


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Translucent Lighting Panels,

a.k.a. Skylights or Wall Lights

Day-lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy cost in a shop or warehouse and to brighten up a work area.  Our 55% light transmission polycarbonate product is very durable standing up to most severe weather occurrences.  We stock 1/16" thick (1.5mm) which is twice the average thickness generally found in the metal building industry.

   - Available in Gideon R-Panel & Gideon Tuff-Rib AG.

   - 12' long or special order lengths available.

   - 10 year limited warranty against yellowing.

   - 10 times stronger than acrylic.

   - Easily fabricated on site.

   - Virtually unbreakable. 

   - UV protection.

Expansion Joint / Pipe Flashing

​Made of 9” wide Grey EPDM linear flashing.

EPDM Rubber encapsulated expandable metal sides

Available in 3’, 12’, and 33’ lengths

Applications include: Transition Walls, Parapet Walls, Stepped Roofs, Corrugated Metal Roofs, Roof Penetrations, Expansion Joint, Skylights.


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Extreme Angle Pipe Flashing
The built in 40º degree pitch allows to handle extreme roof pitch (35º – 65º).  

Retro-fit Pipe Flashings
Stainless steel teeth grip the material & secure it tightly.


Can be ordered standard with louvers or upgrade with windows.  Select from variety of colors for the Top, Sides and Base.

To be assembled in the field.  Assembly instructions included.

Weathervane is optional.

Translucent Lighting Panels,

for corrugated metal

Going old-school.  We can provide translucent panels for the corrugated roofing profile that is a classic.  Measuring 2-1/2" from crest to crest x 1/2" tall, this panel is one of the first styles of metal roofing available to the agricultural market and is still made today.

   - Available in 2.5" Corrugated.  Major ribs are 1/2" tall.

   - Clear, White or Green.

   - 5 oz. fiberglass.

   - 10' long.


Door panel:  1-3/4" thick , R-13 insulation value, 26 gauge door skin, zinc substrate painted white, 

Door frame:  3-1/2", 16 gauge, pre-hung, universal swing.

Stock size 3068.  

Also available as special order:

    2', 4', 5', 6' or 7' wide. 

    6' 8" or 7' 0" tall.  


    Lite Kits available:

    1-LI-2 20" x 24" Insulated
    1-LE-2 16" x 16" Insulated
    1-LU-2 4" x 48" Single glazed
    1-LA-2 20" x 24" Single glazed
    1-LB-2 22" x 36" Insulated
    9-LB-2 22" x 36" Insulated with 9-Lite internal grids