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Daylighting is using natural light provided by the Sun to illuminate inside your building. 

Light Transmitting Panels installed as Roofing or in the wall as a Side Light are both effective ways you can achieve Daylighting goals.

Light Transmitting Panels installed with a lighting package that is flexible to increase and decrease LED light based on the amount of cloud cover or outside darkness, is a great way manage and reduce energy consumption while maintaining consistent indoor light level i.e. Daylight Harvesting.

Because of the diffusion of light provided by SunSky Light Transmission Panels, you can evenly illuminate the natural light coming into your building, which means no hot spots or shadows being cast into the structure.  Notice the difference between the following two images demonstrating Clear vs Soft White.

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Solar Optic Properties along with HVAC requirements and Daylight Harvesting tools can be used to design performance that can reduce your carbon foot print. 

Many Applications.  One high level of performance.

Finally a light transmission product made for the metal building and post frame building industry that has been approved for some of the most turbulent weather areas.  From hurricane coastal regions to the "hail belt" in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, Sunsky is made for performance.  

Gideon Steel Panel Company, LLC and Palram have partnered to brighten up your day and reduce your carbon foot print.  Check out Palram's brand of Sunsky Light Transmitting Panels for your metal frame or post frame building that we distribute.