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About Camouflage paint system

Weathered Metal Series  is the trade name for just one of Valspar's efforts of continuous innovation by design.  If your next project requires the look of an aged or weathered roofing or cladding product, the Weathered Metal Series will give your project the distinctive aged appearance and the rich, classic character that until now, only time, and the elements could provide. 

Crinkle Finish is Weather XL textured appearance coating for the commercial or residential roof and wall panel applications.  Its sparking visual appearance with a smooth touch will make any project stand out.

About Crinkle Finish paint system

As Mossy Oak's first pattern, Bottomland was designed to blend in more effectively than existing military camouflage and other concealment patterns.​  This pattern was created using the bark and moss design from a very large and special oak tree in south Alabama.

About Weathered Metal Series

About Fluropon paint system

Fluropon is the trade name for Valspar's PVDF paint system that carries.  More commonly known  in the industry as Kynar or Hylar.  Kynar is a tradename for resin that is in the paint that helps the paint to achieve resilient color longevity.  Most commonly found on 24 gauge.

Fluropon coatings are premium fluoropolymer system containing 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) proprietary resins. Fluropon coatings are field-proven, high performance exterior finishes. They provide outstanding resistance to ultraviolet rays, exceptional color retention and resistance to chalking and chemical degradation.

Fluropon coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

  •  Exceptional dirt and stain resistance h Outstanding color consistency
  •  Excellent overall adhesion
  •  Great flexibility and formability

Fluropon coatings are available in a wide variety of colors including standard and custom earth tones, pastels and exotic colors. Fluropon coatings are also available in energy efficient Solar Reflective (SR) formulations.

Fluropon coatings are ideal for long-life external use on monumental high-rise structures and pre-engineered buildings, including: h Architectural and residential metal roofing systems h Composite and insulated metal wall panel systems h Metal roofing and wall panels systems.

About Weather XL paint system

WeatherXL is Valspar's Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system.  Most commonly found on 26 gauge and 29 gauge. 

Ten years ago, Valspar created WeatherX, a two-coat finish for HDG, Galvalume® or aluminum. Durable and rock-solid reliable, it stood up to almost anything nature could throw at it.  It quickly became the finish of choice to beautify and protect a wide variety of exterior applications. 

WeatherXL is the next generation of WeatherX.  How did the innovative reformulation improve?

  • Stronger color retention with the best resistance yet to chalking and fading.
  • Enhanced scratch resistance.

Pre-painted Steel