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Retro-fit Zee applications are not limited to simple gable structures.  As demonstrated above, valley and hip conditions can be accommodated.

After decades of performance, these two roofs are approaching the end of a long service life demonstrated by exposed red-rust of the base metal.  Highly industrialized cities with significant air pollution and acid rain can accelerate deterioration of all types of roofing.  Installing the Retro-Fit Zee and a new Gideon Prepainted Galvalume steel / metal roof can provide decades of low maintenance life cycle. 


   - How do you know if your metal roof needs to be replaced?


​   - Inspection


   - Does your painted metal roof show signs of deterioration?

   - Is the paint weathered away revealing silver metallic coating?

   - Does your roof appear to have a redness or grey tint? 

   - Do your gutters show signs of paint deterioration or rust?

   - Was your building or roof installed in the 1980's or before?


   - If yes to any of these questions, give us a call and we can consult

     with you further to determine if a free inspection would be

     beneficial to you.

Your options are:


​   - Patented, Proven, Engineered, Lab and Field Tested!
   - No need to remove old roof.  Limited business interruption.

   - Maintains integrity of original design loading.

   - Creates “thermal break” air space between old and new roof sheets.    

   - Allowing for optional insulation or venting.

   - Brand new metal roof to be installed with decades of service life.

   - Over 26 Million sqft of Retro-Fit metal re-roofs installed.

   - Rapid installation.

Remove and replace

   - Allows ability to remove old or deteriorated insulation.

   - Brand new metal roof to be installed with decades of service life.


   - ​No need to remove old roof.  Limited business interruption.

   - Similar cost to Retro-fit and Remove and Replace options.

   - Significantly more expensive life cycle cost compared to other options.

   - Not a permanent solution.  Short life cycle relative to other options.

Re-roof your existing metal roof...