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Sizes per roll:

     Sharkskin Comp: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft
     Sharkskin Ultra: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft 
     Sharkskin Ultra SA: 48" x 125' = 500 sq ft 
     Sharkskin Ultra Radiant: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft 

In recent years, technology has greatly improved underlayment performance.  Underlayments have gotten stronger, lighter, and longer lasting by utilizing various products creating a category called Synthetic Underlayments vs old technology called felt paper (aka tar paper).  There are many brands of Synthetic Underlayment available today and so many choices can be overwhelming.  We researched throughout the years and found the brand of Sharkskin to offer some of the best performing underlayment products the are currently available, giving our customers great value.     


One of the most important aspects of installing roofing materials, metal or otherwise, is the underlayment.  Underlayment is a second water barrier in addition to your roofing material with a purpose to protect the interior of your structure in the event roofing materials come off as the result of high winds or roof damage. 

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